Because Praxis believes in helping equip the church to be the church, it is only reasonable to think that this can be done through the training of future leaders.

To do so, Praxis has agreed to take on two interns right now to be trained in the local church and gain practical experience, so they can be equipped in vocational work where God is calling them to pursue.


Our Interns


Will & Courtney Con

William enrolled at Briercrest College in 2008 moving from Lower Mainland British Columbia to study to become a pastor. There he met Courtney who was taking a TESOL degree. She, after some convincing, decided to give the poor guy a chance when he finally got up the courage to ask her in 2012. They fell in love, got married in 2014 and been happily married since then. They moved to Regina in March of 2015 where they found The Compass Church. William and Courtney wanted to follow the Lord’s guiding wherever He might take them. After lots of prayer and God opening and closing doors for them, they felt lead to enter into the Intern program that was opened for them. “We were just looking for a place to serve. Praxis had opportunities where we could serve in The Compass Church, a local church, where we could have a great community and serve others. We really sought the LORD and wondered what God wanted us to do. We didn’t imagine something like this coming up for us!”