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Rev. David & Jochy Lockard

Serving Christ by serving others.

What is Outstretched Arms Ministries?

Outstretched Arms Ministries focuses primarily to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. David and Jochy are in full-time ministry sharing the message of the cross and the message of revival throughout North, South and Central America.

Their daily cry is for God to manifest Himself through the Holy Spirit – bringing salvation to those who are lost and for the church to experience a touch of God as they never could have imagined. Their heart's cry is for an authentic move of God's Spirit in their area and worldwide.



Who are the Ministry Leaders?

David & Jochy Lockard

David & Jochy Lockard


David & Jochy Lockard

David knew the call of God was upon his life when he was a child of 10 years of age. However, he failed and fell away from God and lived back-slidden from the ages of 13 to 30. During those 17 years, it cost him more than he was willing to pay. His marriage of 8 ½ years crumbled. He had four children but no home. Drugs, alcohol anger, bitterness and a lot of unresolved conflicts was who he was all about. The night that David and Jochy had another fight, she left with the four children. 

David was alone in the house contemplating on what to do. He heard a voice stating how bad he blew it and that he was worthless. This voice suggested that it would be better for him and everyone else if he ended his life that night. But something strange also happened. Another voice spoke to his heart: a voice of compassion, a voice of hope. This voice was calling him to fully surrender to the Lord. He knew that voice. It was the voice that had called him to salvation at age six. It was the voice that had called him to ministry at age 10. Now once again, God was calling and was asking for full surrender, not a partial plea bargain.

That night he surrendered to the Lord, and God began to restore his life. God brought his wife and children back to David. He was transformed and the renewing process had begun. Two weeks later, Revivalist came into their area and it was then that the Lord did a deeper work in David's heart and the heart of his wife. They confessed and repented root sins and their causes. More of God was all he wanted then, and it is all he wants now. They were revived and the message of revival has been a heart cry for both of them.

Within a year, he was introduced to Canadian Revival Fellowship, and he became one of the first interns in the Revival program. He finished the Internship program – being disciple by Bill McLeod and the Suteras. Harold Lutzer played a significant role in his life then and is still today a close and blessed friend of David. God used Harold to encourage him and because of the love this man has shown him, his wife and family, they will never be the same.



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Outstretched Arms Ministries is a ministry team of Canadian Revival Fellowship.