Ministry Update from Jerry & Rolla Vander Veen

When we started on our most recent trip a storm was brewing, which made traveling hazardous, both in going and in coming home. As always there are dear souls along the way who also need to hear of the way so we always have sufficient Christian literature in our pockets to proclaim the message. Just before the trip, a man in his late twenties prayed with me for his salvation, after which he expressed himself, saying, "This is so good! My load is lifted."

The following is a little of what the Lord allowed us to experience on this trip to Maine. We had a most delightful stay with a dear couple who treated us royally, and we ministered in the church they faithfully attend. It is here where the Lord granted us a genuine visitation. In the Sunday School hour we taught on Witnessing and Soul Winning with some sixty adults present.

The morning service was well attended and God let us share the message, “The Day of The Of Revival Before The Rapture Will Come.” This was an hour in which the Lord gave great liberty. It was so effortless to break the bread of life to this dear congregation. They have been praying for the revival fires to start in their church. When we called on the people to meet with God on any and all issues in their lives that were hindering their spiritual growth, their cry for revival, and the ministry of the Holy Spirit in their lives and their church, God’s nearness brock open. As they were waiting on God for His blessing, we realized that God was waiting for us as a congregation to come to the cross and be cleansed in the blood Jesus shed for us. The Lord had me share that a ninety cent bag of chips taken from the grocery store may well hinder what God wants to do in our lives and in our church. Sin needs to be confessed, forsaken and restitution made. There were twenty eight needy souls who stood in repentance. Interestingly, the pianist also stood to her feet while she was playing the piano.

In the evening service we shared “The Day of Revival After The Rapture Has Come.” The Scripture selections were: Rev. 11:3-11; 7:9-11; and Matt. 25:31-46. There was not enough time to do justice to all we discover in those sections of God’s precious Word, but the interest in these sections of God’s Word was stimulated.

The follow-up material we are sharing with these precious souls is “So Glad You Met With God” by Ralph Sutera.

In His Service:
Jerry & Rolla Vander Veen